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The Agency



Since it was founded in 1982, Orsi Public Relations has remained the most sought after boutique agency in Los Angeles for fashion, lifestyle, retail, restaurant, beauty and consumer products. Our business is constantly evolving to reflect current social, economic and consumer trends. It’s this constant evolution that fuels our creative energy and is channeled into highly focused programs that deliver a solid ROI. From digital and social media to traditional outlets, we develop individual and customized programs that lead the conversation in telling your story so you can be seen and heard.

Quality and personalized attention from our highly dedicated team ensures smart, straight-forward communication. We combine the full range of resources and services of a big firm with the personal attention of a small agency. 

the TEAM

We combine the wisdom and experience of seasoned industry veterans energized with bright, ambitious, young talent to give us a competitive edge.

Janet Orsi, President
Janet is the motivating force behind Orsi Public Relations. She is a creative thinker, strong strategic planner and an enthusiastic team player. Adept at storytelling, she has the ability to develop a compelling brand narrative that attracts attention.

Greg Lutchko, Sr. Vice President
Known for achieving tangible results, Greg meets objectives head-on to develop a clear and compelling message. His dedication and a strong loyalty to the clients he serves are key to his success.

Dyann Hawkins, Vice President
A seasoned PR practitioner, Dyann is all about building relationships. During her tenure at Orsi Public Relations, she has developed exceptional and long standing media contacts as well as establishing close client connections.

Our team of account executives work with both clients and press to successfully implement your public relations program. Their energy, enthusiasm and attention to detail provide an integral part to the overall agency structure. 


Our Team
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